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5 Things Apartments Can Do On World Water Day 22 March


If you live in apartments you would better have understood the importance of water. You know what would be a situation where if water tank doesn’t get filled right on time in a day. You will go blazing towards the authorities who look after utilities in your building. In certain circumstance, even that person cannot help you. Sometimes situations are out of control.

World water day is an attempt to spread awareness on water conservation. It is being celebrated to put a spotlight on certain parts of the world where water resource is about to extinct and drive awareness to save them and make difference.

Have you ever been aware of water management and average water consumption per home in your apartments?

Here are 5 Things you can do on this world water day.

  1. Know your apartment water usage: Understanding and knowing about apartment’s water management system can help you to save water. All you need to do is just contact the person who is in charge of water management and ask them to organize an event where he can explain the importance of water. Also he should be able to share some stats and statistics on daily water consumption in apartments.
  2. Look for leakages in pipelines: If you have a team of young and energetic individuals. Take a lead, go out and look for leakages that are causing water wastage in your building. On an average, more than 13% of water gets wasted due to leakage, i.e. up to 2 days of water consumption. Remember, society is the place where you stay along with families similar to yours. It would be great if you take up this initiative towards helping each other and it also helps you to build trust and unity among people in the society.
  3. Create awareness on world water day: The more you create awareness the better for all and future. Put up some stats on water usage in the building on apartment notice board. Visit each doorstep and spread the message on water conservation. Spread the message on the importance of water. Use posters that educate on water conservation in apartments.
  4. Install water savers at every home in apartments: Start something new. Start saving water from 22 March. Install water savers at ever home. These water savers can be installed where you use water the most. Well, you cannot compromise by consuming less water but you can save water where you use for washing, sanitation, hygiene etc. Water savers won’t compromise on rinse ability, they just enhance the efficiency of water usage. Usually, it reduces the dispensable quantity of water. It can be retrofitted to existing taps and can be brought online hardly at the cost of one month water bill. You can even install flow restrictors at the tip of treading where you connect taps/shower heads to the pipeline.
  5. Organize a competition for kids in apartments: You should celebrate this world water day as a festival like Holi, Deepavali. Because water is something which we cannot ignore in daily life. We need to understand the importance of water. To secure water resource we need to educate our upcoming generation. They may not be aware of what they are doing right now but defiantly it will make their parents to draw some interest in water conservation. These activities can carry a strong emotional message to the present generation which can help to boost up implementing water saving campaign.

Never miss the opportunity as this to educate people at large. Since these are days where the requirement of water is at peak, people definitely show some deeper interest to conserve water.

If you initiate water saving campaign from now on, you can use water for longer period of time.

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Kuncham Srinivas - March 22, 2018

Create aware n




Create awernessamong residents regarding washing of vehicles -Raln water harvesting-Make compulsary-conduct regular meetings on how best water can be used

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