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Eco-friendly Initiatives at Offices

Why is everybody so bent upon the Go Green initiative?

The main reason for such initiatives and propaganda is to create awareness and encourage people to take part in saving the environment.

It is not a secret that we as Earth dwellers are the worst housekeepers. We have been degrading our home, i.e. the earth, for a long time. It’s high time that we start reducing the damage being done to the environment. Every step is going to help.

So, why not start with our offices? Most adults spent most of their active time in offices and use office supplies and produce waste while there. If an initiative is taken to reduce the amount of waste produced or to incorporate eco-friendly technologies, it will serve as a huge step towards helping the environment.

Benefits of using Eco-friendly Technologies at Office

Still not sure as to why you should initiate an eco-friendly drive in your office?  Here are some benefits of having an eco-friendly office:

Boost Productivity

Now, it is not a new fact that productivity of a workplace is directly related to the performance of the workers. Studies show that working in natural light helps your employees get better sleep and thus keeps them healthier. Other research shows that keeping plants in your workplace helps your workers have a good memory or retentive power.

Better Employee Health

As mentioned earlier, workers are the backbone of any workplace. Keep the workplace eco-friendly and filled with plants and your workers’ stress level will be reduced, thus increasing their focus. Working in natural light during the day will also keep them healthier.

Gives off Good Vibe to Clients

We know that we have almost destroyed the planet through our actions. Now our goal should be to try and preserve it as much as possible. More and more companies are taking initiatives to become eco-friendly and it’s high time that you do too. Your potential clients may not be too interested in working with you if he/she thinks you are degrading the environment.

Save Money

You might think that upgrading your office technologies is not necessary as everything seems to work fine but you are wrong. Older technologies use more energy. It is also no secret that they will soon be obsolete. You will have to upgrade sooner or later so why not do so now? New eco-friendly technologies are not only designed to save the environment but are also cost-effective. They consume much less energy and their carbon footprint is less as well.

What are some of the Initiatives?

Considering going green? Here are some ways in which you can start an eco-friendly initiative in your office:

  • Save water: We waste a lot of water in our office than we might think. This is because we are busy and preoccupied with work. Installing low-flow toilets and checking for and replacing dripping taps are some ways to conserve water. 

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  • Handkerchief Usage: Making it mandatory to use a handkerchief in offices is a great way to reduce the spread of diseases. Studies show that lots of diseases are spread in offices because people don’t maintain proper hygiene.

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  • Reducing usage of paper cup: You may be forgiven for not knowing this, but thousands of kilos of woods and lakhs of liters of water are used in making paper cups. Reducing or stopping their usage is going to be a great way to save the environment.
  • Plants: As mentioned earlier, keeping plants in your workplace keeps your office environment healthy. You can also initiate drives for plantation of trees in your surroundings. This will help the environment a lot and make your surroundings a lot healthier.

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  • Usage of LED lights: LED lights consume very little energy and will end up saving a lot of your money. Millions of tons of coals are burnt every year to produce electricity. The more energy you consume, the more is the air pollution and depletion of coal reserves. Using LED lights will be a great way to create an eco-friendly office as a lot of energy will be saved.


Thus, you can see that going green has a lot of advantage for you in its stock. Not only is this going to benefit you but it also going to save our earth. After all, we are going to have to live here, so why not keep our home clean and good not only for ourselves but also for the future generations.

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