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How Much Water We Can Save With Eco365 Fixtures?

What is Water Efficiency ?

Water can be saved by installing water saving fixtures at washrooms or utility area. This very process to reduce water wastage without any compromise on performance can be termed as bringing water efficiency.
We could retrofit/change existing taps, shower heads, urinals & toilets from regular to water efficient fixtures and save water up to 98%.

Water Efficient Aerators

Suitable: For taps / faucet:  

Saving upto 98% is possible. Aerator’s also known as nozzle or adaptors adjusts water flow rates depending upon water pressure to pre-defined efficient water flow rate. The right selection of adaptor will give maximum water efficiency & savings. Eco365 deals in wide variety of aerator’s . Based ones application, preference and conservation approach Eco365 water saving aerator can be selected.

For illustration purpose only. Saving may vary based on aerator selected and other factors.




 Neo Water Flow Restrictors (NFR) 

Flow Restrictors are designed to maintain water pressure while reducing water flow in taps and showers by upto 60%. They are installed on pipelines connecting to taps & shower to restrict the flow rate of water at source.


• Water Flow Rates Available: 5 to 8 LPM (Litres Per Minute)

• Recommended For: Taps, Showers, Health Faucet Guns/Hygiene Taps

• Annual Savings Upto: 22,500 litres water/year

• Warranty: 1 year (on manufacturing defects)

• Tools Required to Fit: Wrench & Teflon Tape/PTFE

 Water Saving Shower Heads


Regular shower head dispense water around 15 to 20 litres per minute(LPM) or even more, whereas Eco365® shower heads typically flow at 6- 8 Litres per minute (or less!). Thus saving water, energy and money.


• Water savings up to 60%

• No compromise on the rinse ability

• Different flow styles & functions

• Reduces hot water demand;

• Saves energy & reduces cost

• Easy installation (DIY) 

How it Saves Water ?

Water Flow Rate Comparison




Green Toilet Bank can save you upto 2 liters of water on every flush. Water filled Tank Bank is installed inside the flush tank to displace an equivalent volume of water used for flushing.


• Saving on every flush upto 2.5liters

• Easy to install

• Economical, maintenance free

• Long lasting solution to save water

• Easy to change the volume of the bag

• No interference with main flushing system

• Suitable for individuals, residences, offices etc

An Average Family Of Four Could Save Approximate 11,650 Liters Of Water Annually.


Eco365® Taps perform better with less water usage when compared to regular taps. These taps compensate the water pressure and give defined water flow rate, therefore less water wastage & more savings on water bills.


• Saves water Upto 90%

• Saves water & money

• Customized flow rate (3 to 8 LPM)

• Different flow patterns (shower/foam)

• 7 year warranty • Quality brass material (chrome plated)

• Different range/Style to choose from

• Annual savings upto 22,500 litres/year/tap 

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