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Compostable Garbage Bags - 17"x19" Small (Certified By Govt, Pack of 5 =150pcs)

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  • They are 100% plastic free and are made from plant extracts and other compostable material.

  • These bags gets composted with 60-180days (varies depending on weather condition).

  • These are Eco-friendly bags and the compost can be used as Food for Plants.
  • 1 bundle contains 30 Pieces, pack of 5 = 150pcs

  • It's sent in a bundle format, so that 1 bag can be used each day. Easy to use & convenience

As per the recent Gazette by Ministry of Environment in Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016Compostable garbage bag manufacturer needs to follow below protocol-

  1. Compostable garbage bag has to be as per Indian Standard IS/ ISO 17088 (certified)
  2. Manufacturer should be approved by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) to sell and manufacturer compostable garbage bag 
  3. A compostable bag should have the name of the manufacturer and certificate number printed on it.