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World's cheapest face-shield developed by Bangalore based water saving company

Eco365 promises to provide solutions that lead to a simpler and self-sufficient way of living. Adoption of our solutions would result in conservation of water and energy, minimise waste, protect the environment and contribute health. Eco365 has reinvented Micro-Droplet Protect Screen (MDPS)also known as face shield, a protective gear required by frontline heroes. Goutam Surana founder of ‘Eco365’(water saving company) along with his team have reinvented Micro-Droplet Protect Screen (MDPS) also known as face shield, a protective gear required by frontline heroes. Eco365 MDPS will be a game changer and it will cost under Rs 20. It can be used as personal protective gear that provides barrier protection to the facial area, including eyes, nose and lips from  micro-droplets, splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids.

Our Story

The news of Doctor using helmets in Kolkota and shortage of mask for frontline disturbed me to the core. The mask available in the market were also not matching to the required quality standards. That’s where I started thinking, something needs to be done, very quickly in cost effective way. To my rescue; I came across an article by BBC news on 3D printed face shield in United States for frontline.

The face-shield were currently imported from China and it costed nearly Rs 200/ - per pcs. We started our experiments with few material and soon understood

that face shield can be made in India at much low cost in lesser time, if I get required raw material support. I made 50+ call to different vendors seeking for help, knowledge and further connect. I did step out of my house during lockdown, to see the factory and the material. Tried to understand what is quickly available, which vendor could help in processing the material, who has in-house stationed team to work now.

Speed of development and able to manufacture quickly was at most priority, a day lost was risking thousands more to deadly infection worldwide. My house became my lab, less was more for me, my wife, son & cousin where my advisers, critics. And shamelessly I carried my experiments on them. The progress was satisfactory, within 24 hours I was able to develop a prototype. I requested my sales team to help me develop the content and graphic manager to develop visual to make it easy to understand for all and we named the product MDPS which stands for Micro-Droplet Protection Screen.

We now plan to mass produce it in very less time. The price at moment would be 1/10th of the China imported product cost. It might get cheaper in future as economies of scale happen.

I am extremely thankful to all my existing vendors and there connects, my sales team for connect, graphic manager for visual connect and my family to support me in this quick risky development during the lockdown. Without their support It wouldn’t have been possible. I am confident the product we developed will be a game changer to protect the health of frontline heroes.

How does MDPS help during Covid-19?

 Cost-effective solution at 1/10th cost compared to existing China imported product. Extra protection to frontline to reduce infection through Micro-Droplets Extra protection layer over the substandard mask quality presently used by many. Preventing users to touch their own face. Acting as a barrier. Reducing imports, supporting the economy due to lockdown. Has export potential in near future. Eco 365 will have a million of MDPS ready by Monday that is 13th April 2020.

Check this video where Goutam Surana Talks about MDPS (Face Shield) with RJ Rubina from Radio Mirchi 93.5



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